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Hatful of Rain are based in East Sussex, they have been playing together since 2010. Their music is a blend of British Folk & Americana styles, centred round songs with timeless themes of love and loss, domestic hardships, migration, identity, celebration & grief. They have released 3 albums and 1 EP to date and have toured widely in the UK on the folk circuit; rooms above pubs, folk clubs, villages halls, festivals, house concerts and theatres. Concentrating on arrangements and nuances of their song writing, the style of the group has changed considerably since the departure of fiddle player/composer James Shenton. After two years playing as a trio they recruited Scott Smith as a permanent member in 2021.


Hatful of Rain are:

Chloe Overton – vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin and harmonica.

Phil Jones - double bass, vocals, guitar, banjo.

Fred Gregory - guitar, vocals and mandolin.

Scott Smith - Piano, Lapsteel, Percussion, Banjo & Vocals.

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